Become a verified supplier on the largest marine marketplace
Marine RFQ Lets Buyers Compare Offers With Confidence

To complete your registration as a verified supplier and have the ability to bid on RFQs in the marketplace we require the following documents:

  • – Business license or registration issued by an authority that has jurisdiction in your country of operations.?
  • – Letter from a regulated financial institution showing an active business account for your organization.?
  • – Confirmation on payment of the attached invoice (if not paid online).?

The business license is required prior to your account activation.

Your will have 60 days to submit the bank letter proving an active account. Please click here to download the template for this letter.

The use of Marine RFQ “Verified Supplier Seal” is prohibited on any marketing materials or emails until the verification process is completed and an official seal is issued.

All documents can be submitted through our online form or it could be emailed to

1This must be the Client’s exact corporate name, as registered with the relevant Incorporating Agency in the Client’s Jurisdiction of Incorporation.

2A financial institution must complete this letter where the above named organization maintains an active demand deposit account. If available, please submit on financial institution’s letterhead.

3A bank wire transfer confirmation or swift copy would be sufficient.