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Our marketplace will make your procurement more effective and efficient. Now, with a click of a button you can auction, award and monitor every purchase for every vessel at every port.


Built to steam

Yes, we didn’t just bring you to the busiest marine Marketplace.
We’re giving you the most advanced marine software that will ensure your success and empower your organization.

Strategic Sourcing

Empower your organization and change your corporate spending culture. Transforming the culture of your organization by saving money, reducing risk, and optimizing working capital should not just be functions of procurement they should be goals of every department.

Supplier Management

More than 60,000 marine suppliers are in the Marketplace. They are all arranged by services & products, by country and ports of service. Access the largest marine suppliers database. Submit RFQs to multiple suppliers rate their performance & manage their profiles in one dashboard.


Maintain your company workflows and purchasing approval structures. Get in control from the initial requisition all the way to verifying invoices. From the same dashboard in our marine Marketplace. Get actionable reports that will empower your decision makers.

Spend Analysis

This powerful feature enables you to view your historical performance giving you a full visibility to evaluate where you stand strong & what needs improvements. Get real actionable information. See how much you spend on each vendor or each vessel, each country in each port. Empower your decision makers.

Invoice Management

After issuing a Purchase Order to your supplier, you can receive their invoices on the same platform. This will enable you to have all your data in one place for future audit or review. This powerful feature will enable you to do 2 or 3-way checking; verifying your actual PO versus the invoiced amount and the actual items delivered to the vessel.

Contract Management

A central bank for all of your terms & conditions. Access our library for industry standard clauses & contracts from BIMCO standard to specific templates for dry-docking, repairs and others. Improving the tracking, negotiations, and management of every contract to ensure compliance at all stages of the supply relationship, reducing legal disputes & litigation risks.

Better information = Better Decisions

Better information = Better Decisions

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