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Our Marine eMarkeplace is the most advanced marine marketplace. With more than 60,000 marine suppliers arranged by country, category & port, shipping companies know where to go to source services & products. 

How using our eMarketplace will benefit you 

1. Access to thousands of buyers

Accessing our eMarketplace will bring to you thousands of Shipping Companies and Ship Management Offices who are looking for services & products in your port of service. Unlike any marketing you might have done in the past, these are real buyers with real needs now. Our eMarketplace enables you to respond to Request for Quotations submitted by marine buyers in your listed area of service. 

2. All you need is a browser

You don’t need to get your IT to change anything or ask your company to invest in any integrations. All you need is a web-browser on any device.

3. Most advance marine software

We have worked day and night for the past year to make sure we end up with the most advanced most innovative solution. Our platform (The Marine Core) provides real effectiveness it enables you to save money from the first day you start using it. It also gives you real visibility into your internal workflows and to your external interactions thus turning you to a better inform executive making better decisions.

4. Real analytical tools

Marine RFQ dashboard gives you real, actionable data. It makes your budget and performance visible for you to analyze where you spend the most and who your most important suppliers are and what routes or vessels cost you the least and the most.

5. Invoice Management

All your invoices can now be issued by the platform. After receiving a Purchase Order from the client you can easily flip that into an invoice with your information and logo. Creating a central hub for your information on this powerful platform. This feature will also enable you to check and verify your invoices against the purchase orders received adding one more verification guard. 

6. User friendly

Our platform takes pride in its user-friendly dashboard. We bet that any 12 years old can use it from the moment a requisition form is filed to the moment an invoice is approved and sent to accounting.

7. Supplier friendly

Our edge is that we understand that suppliers are the other part of the success equation and so we made it our goal to make this portal as useful and as valuable to suppliers as it is to buyers. And so now suppliers can save money by using our portal and in turn pass these savings to you. Their ability to reduce man hours spent on processing orders and their ability to better understand their selling processes will enable them to reduce their costs and apply the economy of scale.

8. Communications Management

All buyers communications to you whether on our chatting platform or emails are arranged and saved on the platform. From the moment you receive the invitation to bid to the moment you send the invoice everything is documented and logged so that you have full visibility on your organizational performance. 

9. Purchase Orders Management

All Purchase Orders sent by the buyer are saved and arranged on your platform. This enables you to verify services provided versus services ordered such as extra hotel nights or if you supplied different brands that replaced the original order. This also provides you a better view, to arrange your top clients and most sold services or products. 

10. Traceability & Audibility

Now you can have full visibility of your staff and organization performance. Follow the steps taken and responses given to all client inquiries. Auditing has never been easier, managers or auditing committees can now log in and see the history and specific actions taken by each user on the portal and the time stamp on each.

11. Putting you in control

Now as an ‘Admin User’ you can determine who in your organization can buy what. Whether it’s a limit on a specific dollar amount or type of item being purchased. All can be governed by your own internal workflow and purchasing structures. The system is so smart that it can alert or send notices for approvals to start and event or to sign off on a PO (Purchase Order) or invoice.

12. Support globally & locally

Our support center is 24/7 and can resolve any of your issues from logging in or taking care of any deep integration issues. We plan to speak Mandarin, Japanese, Greek, Turkish and French.


13. The largest marine library

Our software comes preloaded with marine supplier database that is organized by country, city and port. You can source any purchase using our standard templates or by creating your own template with your own KPIs. Our contract Management tool comes with industry standard clauses such as BIMCO and others. Our platform is always being updated to be compliant with different regulators.

14. Compliance

Our platform is maritime friendly, meaning, it can embed any regulations that are observed by the shipping company or by your company. From following simple BIMCO clauses in contract or Terms & conditions or even ensuring that you subscribe to the same set of rules, terms and conditions that buyers want you to. 

15. More than just us

 Our strength is in the partners we brought to our side. We have some of the best software developers in the world who have more than 130 years of software development combined. They’ve seen it all and know what works and what doesn’t.


Built to perform

Yes, we didn’t just bring you to the busiest marine Marketplace.
We’re giving you the most advanced marine software that will ensure your success and empower your organization.

Strategic Sourcing

Get immediate exposure to thousands of buyers who are sourcing marine suppliers in different countries and different port. Now, all you have to do is to log into the online marketplace and see what the buyers are looking to source. Be smart, efficient and cost-effective in marketing and exposing company to shipping companies and ship management offices.

Supplier Management

More than 60,000 marine suppliers are in the marketplace. They are all arranged by services and products; by country and ports of service. But make sure your contact information is updated. Upload your certificates and documents to distinguish yourself from the rest of your competitors in your country or port of service.


Get in control from the initial requisition all the way to issuing an invoice all from the same dashboard in our marine marketplace. Keep all of your clients information on the same powerful platform to get more insights on your company’s performance for actionable reports that will empower your decision makers.

Spend Analysis

This powerful feature enables you to view your historical performance which gives you a full visibility to evaluate where you stand strong and where you need to enhance your capabilities. It provides you with reports to see your losses versus your wins. It allows suppliers to arrange buyers by revenue and make analytical reports with real actionable information for better performance.

Invoice Management

After receiving a Purchase Order from your clients, you can issue invoices on the same platform with your logo and information. This will enable you to have all your data in one place for future audit or review. This feature will also enable you to verify your actual supplied items versus the invoiced amount and purchase order issued.

Contract Management

A central bank for all of your terms & conditions for services & products sold. Access our library for industry standard clauses & contracts from BIMCO standard terms to specific templated for drydocking, repairs and other industry services and products. Now you can have your clients do eSignatures and track all changes and negotiations in real time over contracts.

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Better information = Better Decisions

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