Supplier Management 

Supplier Management Solution

Great things can come out of suppliers—much more than just savings.

Marine suppliers are critical to the success of any marine operator. Marine Supplier is not just a source for products & services. If nurtured right, they will bring much more than discounts & deals. Their expertise & market knowledge can become your compass to new inspirations & ideas.
Go beyond discounts get the most of your marine suppliers. 

Things it will do for you


Global Supplier Network

Access to more than 70,000 marine network gives you the largest marine suppliers network for every service at every port. Submit your RFQ to more suppliers and let them compete for your business.


Supplier Risk & Performance

Evaluate and analyze suppliers across multiple performance and risk dimensions. Now you can compare suppliers against your own qualitative or quantitative measures. Our score cards will enable you to create visibility for your corporation as a whole.


Supplier Communications

Arrange your communications on one portal for each service requested or RFQ submitted. Create visibility for all of your team and enable audibility and traceability. Communicate with all suppliers by click of a button or create chat rooms with specific suppliers.


Supplier Vetting & Compliance

Better information, better relationships, better business. Supplier 360° end-to-end visibility, supplier information in a single integrated place. Track supplier credentials for approval, ownership, expiration and alerts.


Supplier Financial Management

On one portal issue awards via Purchase Orders. Access invoices from suppliers on already awarded businesses and conduct two or three-way checking.


Supplier Onboarding

By making it easy for suppliers to get onboard, they’ll return the favor with increased discounts and more collaboration.

70 Thousand Points of WOW Potential

Now you can have access to 70,000 marine suppliers in every port for every vessel for every service.
Vessels Demands are constant. Don’t let that stop you from asking every supplier for their best offer.
Do it efficiently & effectively with a click of a button.

How does it empower suppliers? 

Giving beyond discounts and deals.


When suppliers care, WOW.

turn Suppliers' Small Business to Smart Business

Empowering your suppliers to become a smart business unit will enable them to service you with better quality at lower costs. The value of business growth is shared by all. The platform encourages competition but it also aims at maintaining quality by providing suppliers with tools to run their business better. Passing the fruits onto you.

Better Information = Better relations

The more suppliers know about your corporate goals & KPIs, the more successful they are in keeping your relationship. The platform will enable suppliers to know more about your demands and what you care the most about.

Visibility & Analysis = Better Decisions

Now, your suppliers can know why they lost your business. The platform allows suppliers to analyze their past bids and, if you like, you could share their score cards. Suppliers can view your price and quality measures.

Free of Cost = Savings onto you

The powerful tools and solutions our platform provide to suppliers are all free of charge. Not only does it enhance their performance, but it reduces their costs on labor and operations. So they will pass the saving and love onto you.

Ready to turn suppliers into business partners?

Informed business decisions make successful companies, especially when it comes to choosing the relationships you maintain in your supplier base. The Marine RFQ platform will enable you to choose the right suppliers & empower them to compete & care for your business. See how with our risk-free trial.


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Better information = Better Decisions

Better information = Better Decisions

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