Spend Analysis 

Spend Analysis Solution

Gain intelligent analytics to drive performance through fact-based decisions

You need to have your finger on the pulse of your business. When data comes in, you slice, dice and splice it to ferret out critical insights, big ideas and unseen advantages. Now you can use the most advanced analytics available to turn data into a strategic driver.

Things it will do for you


Spend Analysis

Accurate, consistent, timely, and detailed visibility into spending. Turn comprehensive spend visibility into opportunities to deliver higher savings, lower risk and greater compliance. Consolidate each vessel’s data and route expenditure with analytics cubes—customized with your own added indicators and dimensions.



Analytics that provide  reports and dashboards that make it easy for users to manage KPIs proactively, spot problems, identify their causes and take action across the entire Purchase-to-Pay cycle. Arm your business with pre-packaged KPI dashboards from day one, leveraging real-time spend data to give you immediate control.


Savings Tracking

Savings’ goals and real-time updates for each vessel or transit will allow for efficient allocation of resources throughout the year to best achieve savings. Tracking the achieved savings allows for understanding corporate best practices and lessons learned to apply to other services or products.


Negotiation Power

Better information, better relationships, better business decisions. Having a clear and concise information on prices gives you a strong advantage in negotiating with suppliers to get the best conditions.  With wide overview & full visibility into spending, you’ll identify realistic negotiation opportunities.



Now you can enhance the overall performance of your company. Give everyone actionable insights that help your organization to manage spend, remove waste, cut costs and optimize use of working capital. Improve your organization’s agility and financial performance to set your company apart from the competition and increase profits.


Procurement Strategy

Be just clicks away from all the interrelated data—sourcing, spend, contract, supplier profiles, supplier scorecards—you need to accelerate procurement performance. Executive analytic insights aggregated on dashboards give you advanced reporting and business intelligence for targeting and hitting strategic goals.

Insights that Move the Needle

Aggregate and celebrate the vision to precision. 
All your data in one place overlaid with actionable conclusions & frameworks for strategic initiatives. Using analytics, insights & intelligence to make smarter decisions.

How does it empower suppliers? 

Giving beyond discounts and deals.


When analysis meets decisions, it’s success.

TURN SUPPLIERS’ Small Business to Smart Business

Empowering your suppliers to become a smart business will cut down on their costs from human capital and other corporate expenses enabling them to focus on servicing your business with lowers costs. You are preparing them for success through efficiency. They will return the favor to you; passing the savings on to you.

Better Information = Better relations

The more your suppliers know about your corporate goals & KPIs the better and more effective they would be in winning your business and relationship. The platform will enable suppliers to know more about your demands and more about their services. When bidding next time supplier will make sure to get you competitive prices. Or when you share your score cards they will ensure providing you with better quality.

Visibility & Analysis = Better Decisions

Now your suppliers can know where they lose your business and can become more effective in winning your business.

Free of Cost = Savings onto you

The powerful tools and solutions our platform provide to suppliers are all free of charge.

Ready to use intelligent analytics & insights to make smarter decisions?

Marine RFQ Spend Analysis will improve strategic decision making based on accurate and actionable spend data If you lack the ability to analyze spend data in your organization, you are missing a tremendous opportunity to identify and drive total cost savings and take advantage of untapped opportunities.


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Better information = Better Decisions

Better information = Better Decisions

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