Where spend meets value: Procurement as an enterprise strategy

Saving money, reducing risk, and optimizing working capital are not just functions of procurement, these are goals that should be shared across the organization. Our procurement module is a powerful automated purchasing solution that enables procurement to become a strategic asset which transforms organization-wide spend with a new culture of spend stewardship.

Things it will do for you


Purchase Requistion

Now, vessel’s master & crew can send the requisition form with the ship’s needs — filled online or offline — which can be routed through approval workflows configured to specific types of content or value. Set validation workflows based on the type of purchase requisitions. Launch spot bidding events directly from requisition or edit it before submission.


Budget Tracking

Track actual and planned spending commitments against budgets. This will align each of your vessel’s spending against budgets set or projects costs. This will keep your financial awareness updated to the last dollar spent. All arranged to give you actionable and visible data by vessel, category, supplier or region.


Purchase Order Management

After choosing the right vendor or closing the bid you can flip the award to Purchase Order eliminating the potential for error. Through automated purchase order creation you never have to worry if it was completed correctly. Electronic submission through the platform means communication is fast, seamless and efficient. Automate, validate, audit, repeat.


Catalog Management

Different vessels have different technical needs and we don’t expect you to know it all. Armed with our requisition capability any engineer can list the items they need and send it off. Shopping with catalog makes it easy to get the right items at very competitive prices so you maintain spend control. Now you can access internal and external catalogs directly within the platform such as IMPA catalogs and many other. Built-in supplier collaboration tools allow them to maintain real-time catalog content updating and communications.


Goods & Services Reciept

In the maritime world being away from the vessel makes it hard to check if goods ordered got delivered in the same quality & quantity ordered. But in an ideal procurement world the order/delivery/invoice continuum runs like a well-oiled machine. Now you can verify and match POs to invoices & check them against masters receipt confirmation.


Automated Workflow Compliance

Automated purchase requisitioning workflows with predefined templates eliminate errors & mistakes. The customized & integrated approval workflow keeps everyone aware & proactive. The comparison tools. The financial management from POs to invoice and receipt checks make it a true value procurement. Call it precision-engineered purchasing.

Procurement the P is for Powerful

The science of spend management. The art of managing people and processes.
The data to tie it all together. From Purchase requisition to Precision acquisition.
This is marine evolution through revolution.

How does it empower suppliers? 

Giving beyond discounts and deals.


When suppliers care, WOW.

turn Suppliers Small Business to Smart Business

Empowering your suppliers to become a smart business will cut down on their costs from human capital and other corporate expenses enabling them to focus on servicing your business with lowers costs. You are preparing them for success through efficiency. They will return the favor to you; passing the savings on to you.

Better Information = Better relations

The more your suppliers know about your corporate goals & KPIs the better and more effective they would be in winning your business and relationship. The platform will enable suppliers to know more about your demands and more about their services. When bidding next time supplier will make sure to get you competitive prices. Or when you share your score cards they will ensure providing you with better quality.

Visibility & Analysis = Better Decisions

Now your suppliers can know where they lose your business and can become more effective in winning your business.

Free of Cost = Savings onto you

The powerful tools and solutions our platform provide to suppliers are all free of charge.

Ready to meet higher savings, value and process efficiency?

Our Procurement module offers more ways to save by automating and centralizing the purchasing function. it places spend under control while allowing you to continue to identify new savings opportunities, positively impacting the bottom-line. This powerful solution enables procurement to become a strategic asset within your organization. See how with our risk-free trial.


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Better information = Better Decisions

Better information = Better Decisions

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