Invoice Management 

Invoice Management Solution

Making invoicing faster, more accurate, fully compliant and automated.

Replace errors with excellence, boost productivity and speed the invoice-to-payment cycle. By eliminating redundant data entry through automated invoicing, you get three-way matching of invoices with POs and end users onboard. Set up rules based approval workflows for purchase orders and payment processes. Faster, easier, more accurate.

Things it will do for you


Account Payable Automation

Streamline Accounts Payables and make it paperless. Upon awarding a service or business, the platform will enable you to issue a PO and receive suppliers invoices. The system will email notifications and obtain needed approvals. This automation process will enable you to reconcile your invoices and get real-time reporting.


Verify & match invoices

360° visibility to reconcile invoices all on one dashboard. After issuing POs and receiving invoices from your suppliers, your accountant will be able to do a 2-way match or even a 3-way match by getting the end users onboard the vessel to confirm the quantity supplied and quality. 


Real time visibility & Analytics

Our system provides real-time analytics for better financial decisons. Budgets, cash flows and spend reports are all updated instantly in the system. Our system will keep real time track and logs all financial transactions. Giving you a 360° view of where you stand on each expenditure, on each vessel, and on every route or port.


Keeps Workflow & Notifications

The system enforces internal workflows and corporate hierarchies. Invoices must be approved by authorized person(s). Automated approval workflows for matched, unmatched and invoices pending resolution. Notifications are also managed and sent to the assigned departments depending on the defined access rights within the system.


Dynamic Discounting

Now you can leverage quickly reconciled invoices for early-payment discounting. A lot of suppliers are willing to provide discounts on early or on time payments. Unlock the working capital value of innovative payment strategies.


Integration & Security

Our solution is fully web-based and in the cloud; all information on the platform including invoices and POs can be easily integrated with your existing ERP or Accounting Software.

eInvoicing e for Efficiency, Excellence Not Errors

Making invoicing faster, more accurate, fully compliant and automated is not only critical for the procurement process, it’s good for business. Replace tedious with accurate and expedient. Control spending and bring all your operation’s finances in one portal.
Purchase Orders and invoices in one place for approvals and verification.
No room for errors, only efficiency and excellence.

How does it empower suppliers? 

Giving beyond discounts and deals.

When your financially in control, WOW.

turn Suppliers' Small Business to Smart Business

Empowering your suppliers to become a smart business will cut down on their costs from human capital and other corporate expenses enabling them to focus on servicing your business with lowers costs. You are preparing them for success through efficiency. They will return the favor to you; passing the savings on to you.

Better Information = Better relations

The more your suppliers know about your corporate goals & KPIs the better and more effective they would be in winning your business and relationship. The platform will enable suppliers to know more about your demands and more about their services. When bidding next time supplier will make sure to get you competitive prices. Or when you share your score cards they will ensure providing you with better quality.

Visibility & Analysis = Better Decisions

Now your suppliers can know where they lose your business and can become more effective in winning your business.

Free of Cost = Savings onto you

The powerful tools and solutions our platform provide to suppliers are all free of charge.

Ready to manage your cash flow, spend and working capital with AP automation?

Accounts payable is in a key position to provide accurate forecasts of corporate cash requirements. However, efficient cash management requires process control and real-time visibility to obligations. Try it now risk-free.


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Better information = Better Decisions

Better information = Better Decisions

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